What the heck is concatenation? It’s a new word we learned. Before we looked it up me and Tess tried guessing what it means.

Concatenation has “cat” in it so Tess figured it was a nasty word. I saw “cat” and “nation” preceded by “con.”  I guessed it meant opposition to a cat nation. That would be Tess!

But when mom looked it up it wasn’t what we thought at all. says concatenation means a string of things depending on each other, as if linked together. Wow, that’s the perfect word to describe how my life turned out the way it did.

It’s a long string of things but here’s how it goes. When Codie was a baby mom took her to see our friend Joani. In front of Joani’s house she met Carole, who was walking Reno. Yup, Reno was an Australian Shepherd puppy just like Codie. One thing led to another and soon mom and Carole were good friends.

Fast forward thirteen years. Reno is gone and Carole is ready for a new puppy. Carole tells mom about this blue merle puppy (me) in northeast Washington. Carole has already picked out her puppy Arrow. Mom and Carole drive to see the puppies and bingo! Me, Asher, is spoken for. Did I tell you Asher was the seventh son of Jacob and was promised a life of fulfillment?

Now we come home to Seattle. I lived with Codie in a real busy part of the city. Mom said city life was too hectic. She wanted to live in the country with chickens, goats and lots of mutts.

One day mom puts the wrong county in her online search for a new home. Up jumps Asherpark! Mom said she knew from the picture that was our home, but somebody else was living there. So we had to do all the financial stuff, sell our old house and move to the country.

Now we live in paradise, otherwise known as Asherpark. Funny, huh? Just remember, concatenation can be at work when you don’t even know it. Think about it.


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