Snow Times


We had some fun snow here the past couple of days. Me, I love snow.

Mom likes snow too. She says it’s magic. She wakes us up to play in the middle of the night. We run around outside and leave crazy patterns of paw prints everywhere.

We had the big snow in 2009. The drifts were over my head.

Codie was fifteen that winter. It was hard on her getting through the snow, but one time she forgot how old she was and ran with me.


When mom sees me playing in the snow I know she can’t help think about Codie.

In 2009 it snowed faster than we could shovel. One night Codie went out to do her business and couldn’t make it back to the house.

Codie started to panic and wail. Mom was afraid Codie was gonna have a heart attack and yelled for dad to come help.

Dad had just got out of the shower. He didn’t even wait to put on his shoes but ran right out in the snow and picked Codie up.

He carried her into the house and put her down real gentle on her favorite chair. Codie was scared but she fell asleep right away.


It’s funny how the past and present all run together. One minute you’re having fun in the snow and suddenly you’re feeling sad missing your best pal.

That’s when I grab a stuffie and jam it into mom’s backside. I can’t stand to see her sad and my stuffie trick brings her right back to the present. That’s where we need to live. In the present. Mindful of the past but grateful for the moment. Try it. You’ll see I’m right. Gotta run!


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