My Valentine

Tess and Ash

This is me and my girl Tess. She’s my Valentine and my best dog pal. When we’re rolling around on the floor together moms says we act like two young lovers.

Tess makes horrible growly sounds when we’re playing. She sounds like she’s possessed. If you didn’t know Tess was my Valentine, you’d think she was trying to kill me.

Me and Tess understand each other. I know not to bother her when she has a frozen turkey neck. She knows to get out of my way when I’m doing my whirling dervish.

One time Tess got so freaked out by thunder that she sat on my head. It was goofy and I couldn’t breathe. But I knew she was scared, so I stayed real still until she was ready to move.

Tess hardly ever plays with toys. If Tess had come to Asherpark when she was a pup, I would have shown her how to play.

Once in a while Tess takes a liking to a toy. I always let her have it even if she rips it up. I even let her take my ball. She only does that when she wants me to play with her.

I can count on Tess to back me up. If I have to chase some varmint away, she’s right there with me. If some strange dog attacks me, she’s on him like a flash.

I’m a lucky guy to have Tess for my Valentine. I love hanging out with her. She’s pretty and funny and brave. What more could a guy ask for?


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