We Remember


Once upon a time we were blessed to have Darcy in our pack. It seems like forever ago that he came to us through Old Dog Haven. He was old and tired and needed a place to hang out.

At first me and Tess ignored him. He was fat and slow and had no interest in playing. He was afraid of his own shadow and didn’t even know when to bark.

But after a few days he decided he liked the food and warm floors. He figured out mom cooked our food and was smart enough to stick to her. Soon he became mom’s shadow. He even laid out on the cold grass so he could watch her ride the mower.

Everybody who came to the house instantly liked Darcy. He didn’t bark or jump or carry on. He looked everyone in the eye and sometimes offered a paw for inspection. When you looked deep into his eyes you could see he had a big heart. Mom said he had an old soul.

We didn’t now when Darcy was born so we gave him a new birthday – the day he came to Asherpark. We got him just before Thanksgiving in 2009. We lost him in January 2010.

You can read about Darcy by clicking on his name at the top of our home page. It’s a bittersweet story of loss, love and hope. Mom and dad cried so much the day he died. Even me and Tess were sick at heart over losing him so soon.

Just before Darcy died mom told him he would live forever in our hearts. We saved his ashes to spread at Asherpark and put some of them into a special Spirit Weight. I’ll tell you about the Spirit Weight some other time. Even though his time at Asherpark was way too short, Darcy will always be a member of our pack.

I barked about this before but it’s worth barking again. Darcy came to us after we lost Codie. He taught us how easy it is to love another dog, even one who is old and worn out. Darcy couldn’t stay long. He got called to cross the rainbow bridge. But before he left he put it in mom’s heart to take another rescue mutt through Old Dog Haven. That mutt is our beloved Jack.

See, that’s the beauty of our pack. It’s an unbroken chain of love and loss and love again. Think about it and remember Darcy.


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