Mud Bowl


You’ve probably figured out that I’m a sports dog. If I played football I’d be a wide receiver. Baseball, I’d wanna be Ichiro. Basketball – Air Jordan!

Mom says since I’m about to turn five I have to take it easy on the flyboy stuff. A couple of months ago I went to see the chiropractor. Dr. Hannah told us my knee was inflamed, probably from too much jumping. She told me and Mom I couldn’t play ball the whole weekend! That was terrible.

I’m better now but Mom still won’t hit me the high balls like she used to. I do jump ball anyway even if I could catch it with all four paws on the ground. It’s more fun when you have hang time.

There’s one sport that I’ve loved since I was a pup. Mom calls it running the fence line. Obviously you need a fence and at least one opponent. You line up on each side of the fence and square off  to start the game. Then you both run up and down the fence line barking like a fool.

The neighbor dog Zoey is kinda dumb. She doesn’t know how to play. She’ll come right up to the fence to start the action and then just lie down about three feet away and watch me. It would be more fun if she played with me, especially since I don’t like her. But it’s okay as a solo game.

A couple of mornings ago I had a great game going. Zoey and her pal Brandy were egging me on. It had rained a lot the night before. The track wasn’t in the best condition. Well, one thing led to another.

Pretty soon mom came to get me. She took one look at me and slipped the lead around my neck. “Come on mud dog,” she said. “Time for a bath.” So off we went to the tub where all us mutts get washed. Mom tossed a cookie in the tub and I jumped in after it. Five minutes later, when she was done messing with me, she let me out. I think she overreacted. I don’t think a bath was required. What do you think?


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