A Legacy

August 15, 2010


Codie barked last night. Around 2am I heard the coyotes howling. At first I thought they were after the chickens, but for once I kept still and then I heard her.

Codie slipped into the bedroom and whispered for me to be quiet. It was dark but I couldn’t see her anyway since she no longer wears her fur.

Codie told me she has been watching the changes in our pack and she is pleased. She said Tess is the perfect girlfriend for me and she is glad I have someone to pal around with.

Then Codie asked me to listen carefully and remember her words. Codie said she put it in mom’s head to foster Darcy. She said the dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge can choose to intervene to help dogs who still wear fur.


Codie was afraid that if mom and dad didn’t take a foster dog soon after she passed, they never would. Codie knew they still grieved for her, but Darcy would teach them how quickly they could come to love another dog.

Codie said Darcy was a special soul. You could see the kindness in his eyes. She knew that Darcy didn’t have long to live and he had a purpose to fulfill. So Codie arranged for Darcy to come to Asherpark.

In no time at all everyone who met Darcy fell in love with him. He asked only to be part of our pack, and he was.

All of a sudden Darcy was called to cross the bridge. Everyone was terribly sad. The people wept. But Darcy fulfilled his purpose. He showed us there is always room in our hearts and pack for another rescue dog.


A week after we lost Darcy we brought Jack home. Codie said that Jack is Darcy’s legacy of love. We wouldn’t have Jack if we hadn’t let Darcy into our lives.

Then Codie was gone. Her silent barking stopped. I so wanted to ask her more about her life without fur, but I am grateful for the time I had with her. Come back soon Codie. We will never forget you. Never.

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  1. Zag on August 24, 2010 at 9:38 am

    …..thank you Ash! The tears are rolling down my face..but I am so assured now that Codie is with our beloved Zoey and the little Denim who is happy now with her freedom from earth where she really wasn’t very happy. I know the wise Codie will look after them…No we will not forget any of our precious ones who shared our lives here on earth…True

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