Penalty Box

In the Box

See me? See me in the box? See the ball? If you wonder how this happened, it’s a long story. I barked about the garden outside our kitchen a couple of months ago. There’s been this disagreement between mom and us dogs over the proper use of that space.

When it’s hot me and my friends like to dig a nice hollow in the dirt and cool off. The earth is real nice because mom tries to have a garden there. She’s planted all sorts of stuff but it never grows very well.

Even with the flimsy little fences she puts up, the plants don’t stand a chance. Usually I jump over the fence and lie on the plants. Jack pees on them and one time Pepper pulled all the lettuce out so she could have more space.

This year mom got real serious about her garden and decided to put in some planter boxes. So the men in the family sawed and hammered and made these real pretty cedar planters. They’re not quite finished yet. They haven’t been filled with dirt, so it’s about two feet down to ground level.

When I kept pestering mom with my ball, she put it in the planter. Out of sight out of mind. Not quite. I jumped in to get my ball. She started laughing and said something about me always winning the garden wars. But anyway, you can see from the picture how easy it is to get out.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. Anyway, gotta run.

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