Fun and Games

We have some guest dogs staying with us this weekend. They’re my good friends Pepper, Maggi and Libby. We’ve played together a lot.

That’s Libby who has me by the throat. Sometimes the play gets a little rough, but I don’t mind. Before Jack arrived I was the only boy dog. It was like I had my own harem when they stayed with us.

When we’re out running around, mom has to count on her fingers to make sure none of us has gone solo.

At the Beach

Mom thinks its fun to get a whole bunch of dogs together and have a party. I’ve noticed the people usually have a good time too. One time I went to the ocean with the Labradors. We met up with some other dogs and had a beach party. It was a blast.

Today we’re all just hanging out. We got mom up at 5am so we could start having fun. We’ve had breakfast and played hard. Now everybody’s taking a nap. Life is good. Gotta run.

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