We Are Family


Did you ever notice how Jack always looks so sad? He has a far away look in his eyes like he’s trying to remember something. Or maybe he’s trying to forget something. He doesn’t talk much unless he can’t find our mom. Then he starts hollering for her. I used to laugh at him but now I know it really freaks him out not to know where she is.

Tess can’t remember much about her past, but she’s not sad about it. She gets uptight in the car. It’s like she’s gonna have a fit if she can’t sit in the front seat. Jack and me just hang together in the back. I don’t care who sits where as long as we all get to go.

So yesterday this great big dog named Sherman came to visit. He weighs more than me and Jack together. Good thing he’s a nice guy. Jack started barking and acting weird. All of a sudden I understood something about Jack. He doesn’t know how to make new friends. He doesn’t know you just sniff and pee and mind your own business for a few minutes until everybody settles down. Poor Jack. Maybe nobody ever showed him how to make friends.

I talked to Tess and we decided we’re gonna try harder to make Jack feel like he’s part of the family. Maybe he’ll open up about why he looks so sad. Or maybe just being in a happy place will make him feel better. Anyway, Jack is family and we’re here for him. Forever. Gotta run!

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