A Christmas Long Ago


I was looking through old pictures and I found this one. I never met Ash but Journey has told me all about him. He’s the reason we live in the country in a special place called Asherpark.

Mom and Ash had a special connection. They were soulmates and did everything together. Mom relied on Ash to help the new dogs learn the ropes. Even the scared rescue dogs knew they were safe around Ash.

Journey told me when a person and dog love each other their hearts begin to grow together. It’s kinda hard to explain. The dog’s heart becomes part of the person’s heart and the human’s heart grows inside the dog.

I know it sounds a little weird, but you end up with a person and dog that are one with each other. Their hearts beat in harmony and they know what the other is thinking without words or gestures. It happens slowly over time until their souls merge. That’s what mom and Ash shared.

It’s all so confusing. I’m at Asherpark because Ash died. If Ash hadn’t died mom wouldn’t have had any reason to find me. It’s like Ash gave up his place at Asherpark to make space for me and now my heart is growing inside mom and she loves me too.

If you’re thinking ahead you can maybe see the one problem with sharing hearts. When your soulmate dies you lose a big part of your heart. People say your heart breaks but it’s more like a part of your heart gets ripped out and it takes a long time to mend.

Us dogs don’t live long enough to stay with our people throughout their lives. That’s why young pups are so important. When we’re really little and don’t know much about the world, we constantly love on our people and make them laugh. When our people cry we lick their tears away and then they laugh more and their hearts begin to heal.

I’m not brave like Ash but he trusted me to take care of mom after he left. He told me to be sure and grab her socks and race around the house. He told me to look her in the eye and argue with her when she scolds me. He told me to do silly things and make her laugh.

I asked mom how much of her heart was hers and how much came from the dogs she has loved.

“Finn, I’ve loved so many dogs. Each has a special place in my heart and always will,” mom said. “You and Journey are knitting your hearts to mine and we are sharing our hearts with each other.”

I guess that’s the way love works. In time our hearts become one with those we love.

On Christmas Day we’re gonna do our best to make mom laugh. And then we’re gonna have a giant Christmas bone.


Merry Christmas Everyone!




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