They’re Back!


Yes, the alpacas are back. Turns out they weren’t very good guests at the nearby farm where they spent the summer.

Since Ash died the alpacas lost all respect for us dogs. Ash used to bite them on their butts when they got uppity, but me and Journey never developed that skill. So the alpacas started thinking they were the boss of us dogs. They even tried to stomp me when I went to say hello.

At their summer home the people had two young Anatolian Shepherds. These are guardian dogs that like to hang out with the animals and protect them from predators.

The stupid alpacas talked it over and decided they didn’t need protection and they didn’t want the dogs around. So instead of being good guests and being polite to the dogs, they got rough with them.

The shepherds were confused and embarrassed. They just wanted to be friends and the trio of nasty alpacas wouldn’t even let them in the pen.

I was glad that the owners sided with the dogs and sent the alpacas back to Asherpark. Mom isn’t happy but now me and Journey have our jobs back. Instead of chasing eagles we can run the fence line and give the alpacas the stink eye.

The only thing I regret is we don’t have as much access to the ravine where the alpacas live. But mom promised she would lock the alpacas in their barn a couple times a week so we can go down and see what they’ve been up to.

My Uncle Dan fixed up their barn really nice and made it easy for mom to lure the alpacas inside with their treats. Me and Journey will have so much fun talking trash to the alpacas. Maybe mom can get a video of us strutting our stuff. Stay tuned. It’s gonna get crazy around here!

Bean the Alpaca




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