Journey and me are about the same size. I’m a little taller and outweigh her by five pounds. I’ve got a sturdy build. Journey has a delicate frame and tiny paws. But don’t let that fool you. She’s tough as nails.

Yesterday me and Journey were playing a fast game of slam bang. I made a play bow to Journey and the race was on. Even when I have a head start Journey can always chase me down. She is fast as lightning!

We were tearing around the big front yard when I made a quick turn and headed straight towards Journey. Normally she would sidestep and bite me on the butt. This time she held her ground and we collided.

I went flying, flipped up in the air and did a barrel roll before hitting the ground hard. I let out a big yelp when I landed, more from surprise than pain. I think I got the wind knocked out of me.

Mom saw the whole thing. She said I went ass over tea kettle and had the strangest look on my face. Mom ran over to make sure I was okay while Journey stood next to me real quiet.

I think Journey was as surprised as me that she accidentally tackled me. Mom took us straight to our safe place in the garage and checked me over real good. Journey did too. She sniffed my butt and licked my face a couple times.

I kept telling mom I was fine but you know how she worries. Once mom decided I was gonna live, she gave me and Journey a tasty lamb kidney to snack on. We gobbled those down in no time, had a big drink of water, and curled up on the bed together.

Journey and Finn

I know Journey didn’t mean to hurt me. She’s my best friend. We like to play hard and sometimes stuff happens. You know how it goes. Anyway, I’m fine. Next time I won’t count on Journey to step aside when I come charging at her. Lesson learned!



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