Dearest Finn


When you last barked you were very hard on yourself. You said you are not brave and you’re a loser. You were embarrassed because you got carsick on our last drive.

It makes me sad to know you hold these thoughts. I do not share the same opinion and hope you will listen to what I have to say and ponder these things in your heart.

Being brave is not the same as being unafraid. It’s easy to do something if you are not afraid. It’s much more difficult to acknowledge your fear and do it anyway.

You and Journey are very different even though you come from the same place and have relatives in common.

Journey was born confident and happy. Life has been easy for Journey because she sees the world as a welcoming place.

You were born thoughtful and wary. You are not sure what the world holds for you and you need time to decide how to respond to new people and places.

You, Finn, are a sweet soul. You have unique spiritual gifts and your ability to feel what others feel is remarkable for a young boy dog.

You have already had success in your young life. You excelled in all your classes. You walk politely on a leash and listen when I ask you to do things. You wait for me when we leave the house and look back to make sure I am with you.

Your job is to be the very best you can be, not to emulate Journey or any other dog you admire. Your courage is of a different sort but you are brave nonetheless.

It’s not easy being the little brother to a diva, but you are the best little brother Journey could have asked for.

In closing Finn I want you to  know how much I love and admire you. You are a blessing to all of us and I am very grateful to be your mom.

So don’t be hard on yourself. Know that you are loved and you have powerful gifts. You will find your way in this world…..I promise.

Love, Mom

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