Finn The Un-Brave


I come from the same line as our patriarch Ash. His father was father to my great great grandfather and a couple of other grandfathers.

Ash was big and strong and full of himself. It’s true I’m not quite two years old but I see the handwriting on the wall. I’m not Ash.

In another life Ash would have been an explorer. Turns out mom used to call Ash Magellan because he loved to go on adventures.

Sometimes mom called Ash Houdini because he could escape from anywhere if he put his mind to it.

I was born timid. As a little pup I stood behind mom’s ankles. Big dogs scared me and so did loud noises. I don’t like riding in the car because I get carsick.

When something scares me I like to hide under the bed. That way I feel safe and nothing bad can happen to me. The bed is really low to the ground. Mom can’t crawl under the bed but she can stick her head and arms under. When she wants me to come out and I won’t do it, she gently pulls me by my paws until she can grab my shoulders and slide me out.

Mom says I’m not fear aggressive. I’d rather leave an argument than fight. I guess I am a little unpredictable though. When I saw a big male dog at the vet’s office, I growled real deep and told him to leave me and my mom alone.

It’s a good thing Journey raised me. Journey loves everybody and wouldn’t ever pick a fight. When I’m with Journey I mostly do what she does. Sometimes I go off on my own thing but usually me and Journey do everything together.

Journey and Finn

You may wonder why I’m telling you all this stuff. Turns out I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’m at Asherpark because Ash died. Journey and mom and everybody who knew Ash were heart broken when Ash died. Journey didn’t have anyone to hang with and she spent all her time learning to hunt moles and rats.

Mom said Journey had to have a pal and when she learned I was available and came from the same line as Ash she quick drove to eastern Washington and brought me home.

Ash died. I was born. Now I’m at Asherpark. I think I’m here for a reason bigger than keeping Journey company. I think I’m here to make sense of the past and help tell the story of Asherpark. I don’t know how that’s gonna turn out or what it will look like, but mom says I have a big heart and I will figure it out.

So if you don’t mind following along I’ll see what I can do to tell our story. Stay tuned and if you’ve got time maybe you could send me a comment or two and point me in the right direction. At least I’ll know you’re paying attention and that will make me work harder.

As Ash would say, “Gotta Run!”





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