Working Girl


Funny how looks can be deceiving. Here’s a picture of Journey looking like a beauty queen, but actually she’s waiting for her turn at the nose work class

Journey sees the world through her nose. Sure she uses here eyes but she could still hunt even if she couldn’t see.

After Ash died Journey was all alone at Asherpark until I showed up. Journey was terrible lonesome without Ash and spent hours by herself in the big front yard.

Little by little Journey taught herself to hunt. She already knew how to follow the scent but grabbing the prey was a whole other skill.


Here’s Journey covered in dirt from hunting and a yucky picture of the poor mole she caught.











Journey started nose work classes last year. She loves it. In three weeks she’s going to her first odor recognition test where she gets to show her stuff.

I hope Journey gets best in class. She’s a hunter, that girl. I know she’ll do good.

That’s the latest news from Asherpark. It’s not real exciting but remember I’m new to Barking. Stay tuned for more to come!



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