Not The Best Decision


Did you ever have a day that didn’t go so well? I did. Yesterday things started out fine. Me and Journey were having a good old time running and romping.

Mom let us in the big front yard, which is our favorite place. It has a low muddy spot along the fence where Journey likes to hide her old bones.

On this particular day Journey dug up a real stinky bone and wouldn’t let me near it. I got frustrated so I started digging next to her kicking mud and grass all over her.

The more I dug the more she teased me. The more she teased me the madder I got.

I dug so deep I could finally wallow in the squishy, stinky mud. It was wonderful.

After a while Mom came to check on us. I heard her whistle and went running to greet her. Journey quick hid her bone and then came running up behind me.

Usually when Mom calls and we come she acts all excited and praises us like we just did something really special. This time her voice sounded different.

She slipped us a treat for coming but then real quick snapped a leash on my collar. Journey got another treat and settled down in her crate.

Mom still had her treat bag so I figured we were going to do some training. Wrong! We were headed to the bath tub.

Mom asked me politely to jump in the tub. I looked at her like she was crazy, but she enticed me with a whole handful of treats so I reluctantly climbed in.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and even the warm water didn’t make things any better.

Mom worked on me for a long time. Apparently mud gets stuck tight to us long haired dogs. That doesn’t explain why the mud stuck to my short haired snout like glue.

Finally it was over. I got a good rub down, rolled around on the rug, then went into my crate for a bone.

Do you know what the reward is for taking a bath? You get to come in the house and hang out with your people. So I climbed up on my favorite bunk and took a snooze. Notice the clean snout……



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