I Am Finn


I am Finn, the newest member of our pack. I carry the blood lines of Asher, our founder. I was conceived within days of Asher’s death.

Ash gave up his body so I could go to Asherpark. He was too young to die but he was summoned, and I was born to take his place at Asherpark.

Though I’m still a puppy, I am an old soul. I was born knowing what Asher knew. It’s as if his soul was transfused into mine and I instantly understood what it had taken Ash eleven years to learn.

Though I know more than I should at my age, I struggle to be brave like Ash. Perhaps that will come with age and experience, but for now I’m happy to follow Journey and feel safe in her presence.

Journey and Finn

After Ash died Journey needed me. She was so lonely. Journey spent her time hunting moles and rats. She honed her skills and caught quite a few varmints, but she was still lonely.

Now that I’m at Asherpark Journey and I have to up our game and bring BarkingProse back to life.

Journey is doing some fun stuff she can bark about. She’s been learning nose work and soon can take her first test.

I’m in my second obedience class and get lots of praise for being calm and listening to mom. When I graduate I will get to take outdoor classes and go fun places.

That’s all I have to say for now. My puppy brain is tired so I think Journey and I will go chase the rabbits.





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