February 11, 2017


Journey is a happy little mutt. She’s not even two years old and she already knows lots of commands. She has great house manners and everybody loves her.

But Journey is still a puppy and like any puppy her mouth is always busy. She has a nose like a bloodhound and finds the tiniest most obscure piece of food or junk to eat.

Mom has been trying to teach Journey not to eat stuff she finds on the ground, but so far Journey’s not cooperating. Sometimes Journey will trade up if mom has a really good treat, but usually she swallows the treasure before mom can stop her.

Last week Journey gobbled up something that smelled good. Me and mom didn’t see her do it and we have no idea where she found it or what it looked like. Journey couldn’t remember because she’d eaten a bunch of junk that day.

Me and Journey lay down for our nap like usual, but when Journey woke up something was bad wrong. Journey was lying in a big puddle of urine that leaked out while she was asleep. She was real embarrassed because she never has accidents in the house. Mom thought maybe Journey had an infection and was about to call the vet when it happened again.

Mom took Journey outside to go pee. Journey could hardly walk and staggered around like she was drunk. Mom carried Journey back in the house and put her on the couch while she called the vet. We were all worried something terrible about Journey.

Journey started to nod off on the couch. Her eyes were funny looking – all pupil and none of her pretty blue. When mom shined a light in Journey’s eyes, the pupil stayed big.

Journey woke up enough so she could get herself to the car. Mom lifted her up and put her in her crate. I jumped in next to Journey and we raced off to the emergency vet. I know mom was super worried. Was Journey having a stroke? Did she eat poison?

The emergency vet took us in right away. He watched Journey for a few minutes and asked mom a bunch of questions. Then he looked up and said he thought it was a THC overdose. I was just about to ask mom what is THC when the vet said, “It looks like Journey has overdosed on marijuana.”

What the heck?  We don’t have marijuana so where did Journey get it? I was wracking my brain. We’d had company the day before and there had been three different guys working at the house. But they sure wouldn’t have given Journey some of their stash. The little fool had to have found it on the ground or swiped it from somebody.

The vet said he could run a pee test to prove that Journey got into THC, so we paid extra just to confirm the diagnosis. Sure enough, it came back positive for THC.

Journey was starting to act normal, so the vet said she could go home. If her symptoms had been worse, she would have had to stay with the vet in case her blood pressure dropped and she went into a coma. How scary is that thought??

When we got Journey home she drank a bunch of water, ate some treats, raced around the yard and then collapsed on her bed. This time when she woke up there was no puddle of urine and the blue part of her eyes was showing.

Journey kept apologizing for causing such a fuss. She said she didn’t know that what she ate had marijuana in it, but it must have tasted pretty good and she couldn’t promise not to do it again.

It’s hard to stay mad at Journey even though she scared us silly. I’m just so grateful she’s okay. Stoned or sober, I love our little Journey.



3 Responses to “ Stoned! ”

  1. Zaggy on February 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    Oh my lil girl….what a “journey” you took! Mom saw dogs like that at work who took trips and had never really gone anywhere. Very scary…let’s vet the workman!
    Now you and your Mom can settle down a Lil and breathe again….

    Love you guys, your Bro, “Zaggy”

  2. Carol BC Honkanen on February 15, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    OMG!!! I hope no one ever tries to give any of the edibles to dogs – they are EXTREMELY potent (as I can attest to, because I did try it once it became legal and had quite the same affect as poor Journey – except I didn’t pee myself, I just kept popping into different rooms of the house and it gave me an extremely painful headache. No more for me, thank you very much!!!

    Stay AWAY from that stuff, Journey . . .

  3. liz on February 18, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    dear journey
    i’m so very glad you are ok and that your mom got to you in time.
    how scary for all of you.
    i just hope now you wont want to listen to alot of grateful dead recordings…that would reallyl be an embarassing flashback..
    be well you silly mutt!

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