Don’t Know What To Say



I just read Journey’s first Bark. Wow! I knew that little mutt was special, but she never told me about meeting Tess on the rainbow bridge.

I’m having a hard time putting it all together. It’s like part of Tess came back in Journey’s body, but I can’t figure out what that means.

It kinda makes sense in a way. I asked mom to find me a puppy. My half-brother had conveniently just sired a second family.

One female pup was available because she has the dilution gene like me, so she shouldn’t have pups of her own. Mom made a deal with my half-brother to get one of his puppies.

Fast forward a few weeks and Journey comes to Asherpark. First thing she does is run over to the spot where Tess used to hang out. I was just about to mention how she picked the spot Tess liked, when Journey gets herself a drink from the water bowl.

OMG! It was weird. Journey has the same silly way of drinking water as Tess did. Head bobbing up and down like a horse, splash flying everywhere. What the heck?!

Next thing I notice is Journey is sound asleep on her back with her tiny puppy paws straight up in the air. Seeing that made me shiver. There’s only one dog I’ve ever known who slept on her back like that – Tess.

A few weeks later I see how softly Journey takes a treat from mom. Tess was the only one of us Asherpark mutts with a soft mouth. A person wouldn’t even know Tess had teeth when she took a treat. Mom says hand feeding me is like feeding a piranha.

Journey has her puppy craziness but she also has an old soul. I can tell from how she looks at people and how calm she is around mom.

I’m not sure why Journey hasn’t confided in me about meeting Tess on the bridge. Maybe she thinks it’s no big deal. Maybe she doesn’t realize how wonderful it is.



One of these days I hope Journey tells me more about meeting Tess. In the meantime I plan to visit the ravine whenever the coyotes howl. Tess said she’d come and talk to me there and I don’t want to miss her.




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