She’s An Angel

ShilohIt’s hard to talk about what happened to our pack this year. We lost Mama in January, Tess in April, and little Shiloh is in a fight for her life.

The day after Mama died we got the results from the biopsy on Shiloh. She has a malignant tumor in her anal gland and there’s nothing we can do to save her.

When me and mom heard the report from the vet, we burst into tears. Why does so much bad stuff happen to such a sweet little mutt?

Shiloh doesn’t see it that way. She’s so grateful to be at Asherpark, she never complains about anything. She just wants to be near me and mom.

Even though she’s crippled, Shiloh chases me down the driveway. She’s right with me when we bark away the shadows.

Shiloh even challenges people who come to the house, putting herself between the stranger and mom. That little mutt has the heart of a lion.

It’s been lonely for both me and Shiloh. She lost Mama and I lost Tess. We’re both walking around with tears in our hearts.

Mama and Shiloh

Mama and Shiloh

Sometimes me and Shi lie side by side just like her and Mama used to do. We don’t have to say a word, we just let our hearts do the talking.

That’s why I have to stay strong for Shiloh. I know Shiloh is dying and she does too. Every moment with her is special because there aren’t that many moments left.

When the air is still and the coyotes howl, Mama comes to check on Shiloh. Their bond was so strong it didn’t break even when Mama passed.

Me and mom spend time just sitting with Shiloh. Little Shi sleeps a lot now but she sleeps much better when we are with her.

It feels like Shiloh is slowly fading away, kinda like her Mama did. I know she’s thinking about Mama and missing her.

For now we’re gonna love that little girl the best we can. She’s awful special to us. I hope she can stay a little longer ’cause it’s gonna break our hearts when she leaves us. Stay strong, Shiloh. We love you.








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