Time Moves On



I arrived at Asherpark in January 2010 straight from the joint,  an aging ex-con suddenly given a second chance at life thanks to Old Dog Haven.

My new family chose me because they thought with my dark and brooding looks, no one else would want me.

If you’ve read the early barks about me, you know I was not the easiest house guest. When I arrived I picked a fight with Ash and pissed all over the house.

Mom bought a black light to see where I had marked. She practically screamed when she saw the walls and furniture glowed like a crime scene.

Over time me and Ash became pals. His calm spirit helped me heal. He showed me that riding in the car was fun and almost always resulted in a special treat.

Soon I had my own sponsors at Old Dog Haven. A really nice lady named Liz started writing to me and next thing I knew I had a girlfriend.

Liz came to visit me a couple of times and sent me cards and treats. I never did understand what she saw in me, but I was grateful for the attention.

Mom tried taking me on hikes with Ash, but it was too scary out in the woods. I felt safe at Asherpark and really didn’t enjoy adventures away from home.

Ever since I came to Asherpark, people have asked, “What kind of dog is Jack? How old is Jack?”

Truth be I don’t know the answer to either of those questions. I like to think I might be part Akita because that sounds sort of regal. But most likely I’m some junk yard dog, the result of too many casual encounters.

As for my age, I can only say I have grown old at Asherpark. After four long and wonderful years surrounded by love, pack mates, and all the food I could ever want, I am reaching the end of  this life.

I am deaf, nearly blind, and now my body is failing me. My poops come out with no warning. Worst of all I can no longer walk a straight line. My rear end has become so weak I list and sag and sometimes collapse.

Just when I think I have reached my end, I suddenly feel better. I prance for my food and bang mom with my big head to make her hurry up.

Last night me and mom had a long talk. Ash and Shiloh sat close by so they could hear everything.

Mom told me that when my time comes to leave this world, I will be surrounded by my pack. The vet will make sure that I am not in any pain. I can have a last meal of anything I want. Then while people and mutts say good bye to me my eyes will close.

For the briefest moment everything will be dark. Then I will see a bright light. My spirit will leave my old worn out body behind. I won’t be sad or crippled anymore.

While I was thinking about this Ash piped up. “Where will Jack’s spirit go?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” mom said. “Jack has a pure and kind heart. He will find others like him on his next journey. He may even find Codie and Nellie.”

With that Ash began to cry.

“If Jack gets to see Codie, I want to go with him!” Ash whispered.

“I know, Ash,” mom said. “I want to see Codie too, but it’s not our time yet.”

All this talk about my journey made me very sleepy. I struggled to my feet and walked slowly to my place in the bedroom. I have my own bed and a special blanket. I will sleep the sleep of a very old dog tonight.






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