Changing Seasons



Mom says I have a far away look in my eyes in this picture. I guess I do. The picture was taken right after Tess jumped Shiloh and mom got bit.

Sometimes I wish I could make time go backwards. I would wind the clock back until it was just me and Codie at Asherpark.

The first year we were here together Codie was still strong enough to play with me. We did lots of stuff together. Codie was my teacher and best friend.

But then time kept going and pretty soon Codie was old and couldn’t get around much. I didn’t mind if she wanted to be quiet and rest a lot, but soon she seemed to be in pain. Finally she wouldn’t eat her grub anymore. I knew her time with me was nearly over.

I will never forget the night I said good bye to Codie. I thought my head would explode. Codie was moaning and I couldn’t stop crying. Mom was crying too. It was awful.

There was no joy at Asherpark for a long time. I was the only dog and I was lost and lonely. Mom said I needed a girlfriend. Then one day mom found Tess for me.

Tess was the prettiest girl I had ever seen and she was my age. We hit it off right away. I taught her some manners and how to play with toys. We were best pals.

After a while mom came home with Darcy, out first rescue dog from Old Dog Haven. He was fat and smelled bad but he was a gentle soul. We tried our best to help him get strong so he could enjoy living at Asherpark, but he got real real sick after a couple of months and crossed over the bridge. I really got to like Darcy when he was with us and I missed him when he left.

Next came Jack. What a project Jack has been. Jack has always liked to mark in the house. Now that he is older, Jack does a lot more marking. Mom says you take the good with the bad. I guess so.

Nellie came to us a couple of years ago. She was a big mess but under all that stinky fur lay a beautiful sweet soul. We all loved Nellie, especially me. Even Tess was nice to Nellie.

Now we have Mama and Shiloh. I’m pals with both of them but it’s not so good with Tess. Mama is afraid of Tess and runs away when she sees her coming. Little Shiloh should be afraid, but she’s not. Tess would like to drive Shiloh out of our pack, but mom won’t let her.

Tess tells me she would be happier in another home where she was the only dog. It breaks my heart to hear that, but I know she is right. Maybe Tess came to us to get ready for her forever home.

All this worrying makes my head hurt. I just want Tess to be safe and happy. I hope Tess can find the person she is looking for.

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