Nellie Came Home


Long before Nellie crossed the bridge, mom talked to us about what happens to our bodies when we don’t need them anymore.

Mom explained that once our spirits cross the bridge, our days of wearing fur are over. She said our bodies would then be cremated in a respectful ceremony and our ashes would be saved.

Mom promised Nellie that her sacred ashes would return to Asherpark. She showed me and Nellie the beautiful urn she got special from her friend Julie at Julie Reisner Ceramics.

Nellie thought that was the best thing in the whole world. While her spirit was romping with Codie on the other side of the bridge, her ashes would always have a home at Asherpark.

About a week after Nellie crossed the bridge, mom and dad went to the vet and collected Nellie’s ashes. The ashes were in a beautiful box with her name on it and there was a clay heart with Nellie’s paw print.

Us mutts were real curious about Nellie’s ashes. We thought they would smell like Nellie, but they didn’t have her scent.

Mom carefully transferred Nellie’s ashes from the box to the urn. We all stood around and watched, not sure how we were supposed to behave.

Then mom created a special place for Nellie. On a table near Nellie’s portrait, mom arranged the urn with Nellie’s sacred ashes, her collar, the foot print from her last night on earth, and cards from people who wrote to say good bye.

Mom said the circle was complete. Nellie came to us as a worn out stray. We took care of her and grew to love her. When it was time for Nellie to leave us, we helped her cross the bridge. Now her ashes are back home at Asherpark.

After Nellie died people wrote so many beautiful things about her. Nellie touched something in people. She was like a pure white light of goodness and courage.

Me and mom sat quiet while we were thinking about Nellie. Mom says we will always remember Nellie and we will miss her forever, but we have to be ready for when another worn out mutt needs a safe place.

I looked at mom and we both knew that’s how we would honor Nellie. When the time is right another sorry old mutt will find a forever home at Asherpark. The magic of Asherpark will continue.





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