January 27, 2013


It all happened so fast. I had a real nice day on Saturday. Mom hung out with me in the studio and we had some special quiet time together.

Saturday night I ate another yummie meal with my favorite pumpkin mix to keep my poops nice and solid.

We went to bed as usual. I followed mom into the bedroom and lay down next to her side of the bed. Lately mom has been draping her old flannel shirt over my shoulders just to make sure I stay warm.

Around 3am I started thrashing around. I’ve done this before for a few seconds, but this time it just went on and on. Mom quick turned on the light and saw I was having a seizure.

I don’t remember much about the seizure except I couldn’t stop from kicking my legs. I felt mom’s hand on my neck and heard her telling me to take a deep breath and don’t be scared.

When I stopped thrashing around mom lifted me up and carried me to the big rug where I couldn’t hurt myself by crashing into something.

I was all confused. I kept looking around for mom when she was right in front of me. Finally the world stopped spinning and I was able to lie still.

I felt something warm and wet dripping onto my snout. I asked mom was it raining? She laughed and said no, it was her tears.

When I looked up Ash was right next to me. His big blue eyes were soft with sorrow. Ash can’t stand to see anybody suffer, but he’s especially protective of me. It’s the blue dog thing.

I felt something pinch my spine and I let out a yelp. Then I saw her. Codie was standing right behind Ash motioning for me to stay silent.

“Nellie, I’ve come for you,” Codie said. “It’s your time.”

This was all as Codie had promised two years ago when she saved my life at the dog shelter. She told me she would watch over me and be with me when it was my time to cross the bridge.

While Codie and I were silent talking, mom gave me a shot of morphine to stop the pain. Pretty soon I was totally relaxed and enjoying all the attention.

Mom and dad loaded me and Ash into the car and we drove off into the night. I was wondering how Codie was going to find us, but then I noticed she was in the car too. Funny that only I could see her.

Pretty soon we got to a dog hospital. Two really nice ladies helped mom load me onto a gurney. Mom tucked my favorite quilt around me so I wouldn’t bang my head on the cold table.

The hospital ladies kept saying how pretty and sweet I looked. One asked if I like my food. What a silly question. Of course I do!

The ladies gave me a plate of baby food. It was soooo good. I slurped down every last bite then lay my head down and waited for Codie to lead me over the bridge.

Mom and dad both kissed me good bye and wished me godspeed on my trip. Mom said it had been an honor to care for me and she would cherish the memories of our time together forever.

While mom was cradling my head in her hand, I licked her fingers real gently. I wanted to say thank you one last time and taste the hand that had loved and cared for me these past two years.

Soon the doctor arrived with his medicines. With mom and dad holding me and Ash looking on, the medicine turned out the lights in this world so I could see to cross the bridge with Codie.

I will bark again from the other side, but for now my pack is in mourning and I must stay still. As greatly as they loved me, so will they equally grieve my passing. This is the ancient ritual of humans. In time the terrible sorrow will pass and happy memories will return. I await the time when my people speak my name without sorrow. I hope that time comes soon.








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  1. Sabine on January 27, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    My dearest Nellie:

    I had the joy and the privilege of meeting you a few times and I always thought what a lovely little girl you are. I would have liked to know you better, but I am grateful that we connected.

    It is good to know that not only do you have a protector in Ash on this side of the rainbow, but that Codie is waiting on the other side. And actually, when I look carefully, I not only see Codie and her ragtag crew of canines, but I see my old canine guardian angels as well: You’ll meet Augie,Sammie and Nugget (Golden Retrievers), Charlotte (a very feisty Samoyed) and Mountie ( a litter mate of Shermy).

    The other side of the rainbow will be so beautiful. You’ll be healthy and running like the wind. I always picture this meadow with the sun shining, small streams running through and a gentle warm breeze. You are all playing with balls rolling around the meadow and nobody has an ache or a care……

    God-speed, little girl,


  2. River on January 27, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    I am young and have much to learn. Having the honor to have known the grace of your kind spirit is something that will help and guide me and will be with me until the end of my days.
    Thank you.

    Love, River

  3. Jeanne on January 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    Dearest Precious Nellie:
    I knew you from the time you came to live with Keven and Bob. They represent the best humankind has to offer, and I am so glad they were your people as your life drew to a close.
    I grew to love you and to admire your gentle spirit and your determination to make the best of what you had been given. Your gentle determination to live well and love your people despite the many obstacles of your failing body has taught me much about the grace of acceptance and surrender, and nobleness of spirit. Over time, I grew to love you greatly. You crept into the crevices of my heart and soul and filled those spaces with light and wonder. I loved you, I love you now, and I will always love you until I draw my last breath on this planet.
    Keven’s email did not come until tonight, the night after your Passage. Im glad as I cried most of the night for myself since I will never hold you again. But, your Spirit will always be with me and will be an insiration to me in how I live my life. I know you will be released from the wheel of incarnation this time around, and if you come back, precious Nellie, it will be as an avatar of love, kindness and perserverence.
    I can only say I am thankful for the time we had. I cherish the last time I visited to see you. I knew your time on Earth was near.
    Give my love to Codie and Jessie, and Mountie and Sahalee and Dude and all the others you now run with. In a blink of an eye, Asher, Kev, Bob, Sabine, Sherman, Dallas and I will be there with you.
    Run free, and live well. And thank you for being here. Your presence in this Earth made a huge difference to many people and critters. Your life mattered, and you taught us well.

    My Love,

  4. Pippen on January 28, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Dear Nellie,

    I will miss seeing you when I come to visit at Asher Park, but I know you feel better and are happy where you are. Say hi to my buddies over there for me. Enjoy your new place with Codie and all the other friends you have there.

    Waving a paw,

  5. Joani on January 28, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Dear Sweet Nellie – we are so glad we got to know you, and always loved your gentle spirit. Though you were the more frail member of your pack, you more than held your own with sheer sweetness. We know you could not have been with finer humans, and a pack that loved you and protected you.

    We also know that you are now running in very esteemed company, and not falling anymore.

    You were with us longer than anyone thought you could be, and all that time with you was really precious. Your presence was a great gift, and you will be much missed. Be assured that we will keep a close eye on your grieving humans, and your pack at Asher Park,

    Joani and Art

  6. Elana on January 31, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Tears streaming down as I read this remembering you and our beloved Tinker. Nellie, you will be missed. Your family loved and honored you and your life and took such care of you in your old age. A good, good death.


  7. liz and lottie on February 1, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    sweet nellie
    full of grace. run free little girl.

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