The Final Chapter


My life has had so many twists and turns, mom says I could have written my own novel. From a filthy death row stray to a pampered princess, my life has been a surprise in so many ways.

As the end of the year approaches I’m excited to celebrate Christmas again. I’m not a religious mutt, but Christmas holds special meaning for me. Last year on Christmas day I was officially adopted into my pack.

My mom and dad said I was their special Christmas present to each other. They tied a red bow around my neck and said I was part of the family forever.

I was so overwhelmed I could barely stand. In fact I think I stumbled around the room and collapsed in a heap on the rug. Mom took pictures, but I was shaking so much they all turned out blurry.

I have lived at Asherpark since April 2011. The shelter people told mom I wouldn’t live six months, but I’ve outlived that stupid prediction many times over.

I don’t know how old I am – maybe sixteen. It’s hard to tell because I’m so used up. Mom thinks I was hit by a car. I’ve got signs of old injuries and my brain is messed up. But I’m not so worn out that I can’t enjoy my life at Asherpark.

My day job is to follow mom everywhere she goes. Boy, does she move around a lot. Sometimes I get so tired trying to keep up with her, mom closes me in the studio by myself so I can take a nap. I don’t mind being alone. I know somebody will always come get me for dinner.

Jack and Tess get freaked out when the people leave us. Jack moans, Tess runs in circles. That silly behavior is a waste of time. I just curl up and sleep until the people come home.

Last night Codie came to me in a dream. Remember Codie is my spirit guide. She’s the one who arranged for me to come to Asherpark.

Codie told me I should prepare for the time when I join her in the spirit world. She wants me to keep a journal and be mindful of how happy I am in my forever home.

Codie told me not to worry. She said I would feel no pain as I leave this world, but my people will weep when I leave them.

I will do as Codie asks. She saved me from an early death and sent me to her people who still mourn her passing.

I am not to talk with Tess or Jack about what Codie told me. Only Asher can know what lies ahead. It will make his dear little boy heart break to lose another blue dog. Perhaps Codie and I can find someone to help fill that emptiness.

There is much to do, for I have not yet reached the end of my story. I will bark more in the days ahead.





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