Another Day


Today is off to a good start. I made it through the night without an accident. I staggered from my bed to the kitchen door and made my toilet outside without soiling in the house.

It’s so embarrassing when I have accidents. Yesterday the runny poops surprised me and I dribbled all over the living room rug. The other mutts crowded round to smell the mess while I quick stumbled outside.

I never get scolded for having an accident. My people know I don’t do it on purpose. Mom says when I mess in the house at least she knows that my plumbing still works. I go outside about every two hours during the day, but that’s not always enough.

This morning I got an extra helping of pumpkin to keep my poops solid. Mom buys huge cans of pumpkin by the case. Me and the other mutts like it mixed with our homemade grub.

It’s getting harder for me to get around. I fall down a lot but then I pop back up. It upsets people to see me fall, but usually it’s no big deal. The other day I fell into a rack of plastic containers. That sure made a lot of noise.

I know my days are numbered and the number is small. I have my feet in this world but my eyes are on the other side of the bridge.

Codie comes to check on me nearly every night. She wants to make sure that I am not in pain and that I want to stay in this world.

I definitely want to stay for now. My nose works just fine and it helps me find the two things that matter the most – my grub and my people.

This morning I could tell that mom was feeling down, so I asked her what was wrong.

“Nellie, it makes me sad to see how hard you struggle,” mom said. “You can’t see, you can’t hear, you can barely walk. I worry about you Nellie.”

Suddenly a whole bunch of thoughts came tumbling out. I tried to tell mom that the past is over. What mean things people did to me many years ago have been erased by kindness.

Since I came to Asherpark no one has said a harsh word to me. Every hand that touches me is gentle and loving. One lady even took my picture so she could paint my portrait.

I remember how I felt during the dark days, but my new life is all that matters now. So I take it one day at a time. I know Codie will come get me when it is my time to cross the bridge. But today I’m looking forward to an extra helping of grub. One day at a time… is so very good.


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