Oh, Brother!


Yesterday was just plain weird. Me and mom worked outside in the garden until it started to rain. Then we went to our favorite spot in the studio. Mom likes to read there and I hop up on the bed next to her and take a snooze.

I shoulda known something was up when mom brought Nellie over but left Jack and Tess in the house. Pretty soon up drives Dr. Kelli. She comes to our house to give Nellie acupuncture treatments and while she’s here she adjusts my back to make me line up straight.

Nellie got her treatment with the needles first. After a few needles go in, Nellie starts getting real sleepy. She yawns and lays down and pretty soon her eyes are closed. When she wakes up she has this happy look on her face like something good happened to her.

Next it was my turn. Dr. Kelli started massaging my back and making little popping sounds. When she stopped the massage I figured she was done with me. Boy was I wrong.

Dr. Kelli brought out the needles and told me I was going to have an acupuncture treatment. She said it would reduce the inflammation in my injured knee and help me heal.

Mom left me alone with Dr. Kelli so I wouldn’t get distracted. I made a feeble attempt to get away, but I knew it was useless to argue.

I didn’t get sleepy like Nellie. I must have been too nervous to relax that much. It didn’t hurt but it could have.

When all the needles were out Dr. Kelli showed me this way cool laser. She said she would point it at my injured knee and like magic it would help me get better. After working on my bad knee, she used the laser on my other knee. She said I’ve been favoring my bad knee and putting more pressure on the good one. That’s why they both need some help.

Finally Dr. Kelli was done with me. She walked me back to the house and told mom I’d been real brave and behaved myself.

I was relieved the treatments were over.  I mean I didn’t cry or nothing like that, but I was pretty worried at first when the needles went in.

Jack told me I was just like the guys in the NFL. I’m on injured reserve, my return is questionable this season. That made me feel a little better. Think I’ll go catch a grounder. No jumping allowed until my knee is all healed up.



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