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It’s day two of the new year. We said good bye to 2011 and welcomed in 2012. Us mutts aren’t really sure why this is such a big deal to people. I mean it’s kinda goofy.

Dogs see time way different from humans. Us mutts live in the present. We don’t think about what’s gonna happen tomorrow. And we sure don’t waste time worrying about what happened yesterday.

Our sense of the present is bigger than humans. Like this morning. We got up at 5am. Nice time to start the day. We all had to do our business, so we went outside to the Poop Zone.

Soon as we finished our business we raced back to the house to wait for breakfast. A bowl of grub, another chance to do our business, then over to the studio for our morning nap.

My day is divided into sections. Morning food. Morning nap. After 8am I can run the fence line and bark at the fool neighbor dog. Then a mid morning nap relaxing after all that barking.

I let mom do some chores around the house before I start barking her up. By noon it’s time for fun. Do some training. Herd the goats. Go for a ride.

On a good day we all get a frozen turkey neck to keep out teeth clean. No running after eating that big treat or we’d toss our cookies.

Soon we’re into the afternoon. A little napping, yapping at the sky, playing ball. About 4pm we start getting agitated. I grab socks and shoes and parade back and forth. Tess leans on mom and makes a pest of herself. Jack paces and Nellie walks in circles.

You guessed it. We’re getting close to feeding time. It’s like we have a clock in our heads. We know exactly when dinner should be served and you’d better watch out if it’s late. Even people who don’t live here notice our bad behavior when our dinner is late.

After dinner we rest a little, but I like to play indoor ball. That way mom has to pay attention to me even when she’d rather read a book or watch the news.

When bedtime approaches Jack is already asleep. Me, Tess and Jack go out front in the big yard for our nightly constitutional. Nellie has to stay in the backyard where it’s lighted. She gets too confused in the dark.

Last thing before bedtime dad gives Jack his eye drops and a pain pill, Nellie gets her pain pill, and all four of us get a little treat to close out the day.

Mom leads us all to the bedroom where the fun begins. I jump in Jack’s bed just to mess with his head. Tess jumps on the human bed. Nellie wanders in circles.

Mom grabs my binky to get me off Jack’s bed. He quick dives in his bed to claim it. Tess gets mad at all the commotion and goes back to her couch in the living room.

By now Jack is snoring and I’m playing rough with my binky. Nellie is still walking in circles wondering where she is. Mom leads Nellie to her spot and helps Nell get comfortable.

I’m the last one to crawl into bed. And just when everybody is getting quiet, I like to jump up and toss my binky one last time. Finally it’s lights out and we all say good night.

Even that part is funny. “Good night, Jack.” Jack won’t answer because he’s already asleep and he’s too deaf to hear.

“Good night, Nellie.” Brother, that’s a waste of time. Nellie can’t see or hear. She’s got no clue about night or day.

Can’t say good night to Tess since she’s retreated to the living room.

Finally it’s my turn. “Good night, Ash.” mom says. “G’night, mom” I mumble.

Then I hear the words I’ve waited for all day. “I love you Ashie,” mom says. “You’re my best boy!” How neat is that!








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