Two Blue Dogs



It is just as I planned. I fulfilled my promise to my godson, Asher. You may find it confusing, but it all makes perfect sense to me.

Once upon a time I was the chosen dog, the only dog. I was a princess. All manner of love and treats were lavished on me. I had my own upholstered chair. I slept on the bed with my people.

I was taken on so many vacations I can hardly remember them all. Multiple trips to the beach, a long car ride to Canada, mountain cabins. The world was all for me and I knew it.

I wasn’t thrilled when confronted with the puppy Asher, but I grudgingly helped raise him. I became so fond of him I asked for and received the title of godmother.

How quickly the years passed. One moment I was the fastest dog at the park, the next I had to be helped into the car. Wisdom came to me later in life, probably because I was indulged from birth.

When I turned sixteen my health began to decline. The house was filled with sorrow and dread. There was little I could do to allay their fears of life without me. I was touched that my furry soul meant so much to my people, but I also knew my next journey awaited me.

I felt the worst for Ash. He looked at me with those bright blue eyes and begged me to stay. He was too young to understand that we are all just passing through this life.

On my last day I whispered to Ash that I would never leave him. We couldn’t play bump and run anymore but he would only have to remember our good times together and he would feel my presence.

As I was gently lifted into the car for my last ride, Ash tried to jump in with me. “No, Ash.” I said. “This is one ride I have to take by myself.”

His little boy resolve to be brave failed him and tears fell from his bright blue eyes. “Codie,” he said. “We’ve been together my whole life. It’s always been us two blue dogs. How can you leave me? How can I be the only blue dog?”

I had just enough strength left  to chuckle. Us blue dogs, technically blue merle dogs, have always felt we were the best and finest color of our breed. Ash had a glorious coat, far more beautiful than mine.

I could not leave him with the pain of being the single blue dog in our home. “I will send you someone, Ash. I will arrange it once I cross the bridge. I promise.”

It took a while to find the right blue dog for Ash. My skills were rudimentary at first and I sent several practice dogs to Asherpark for care. They were fine additions to the pack but they were not blue.

Finally I found the most used up, filthy, stinky ball of blue fur who was scheduled to die. She didn’t even have a name, but she was a blue merle and she reminded me of myself as an older woman.

I sent her to Asherpark through Old Dog Haven. She was so sick she could hardly walk, but I knew she still had some life in her. A minor surgery and some antibiotics and soon Nellie was feeling much better. The bag of stinking blue fur is now beautiful.

Nellie and Asher often lie together. You can see them in the picture. I don’t think either of them realize why they feel such peace when they are close. I know. I promised and now it is so.

Ash and Nellie




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