Back To Normal


Mom has been gone for nearly a week. Us mutts have been acting goofy. Jack can’t remember the feeding order, Nellie forgets when to do her business and I’m just lonesome. Tess doesn’t care cause she only wants to be with dad.

When mom comes home we’re gonna have to shape up. Jack will remember not to follow Nellie to her feeding station. Nellie will get back on her schedule. And guess what? I’m gonna pester mom to play ball with me forever.

I’m already planning on how to greet her. I’ll grab a ball on the way to the door. Before she can even say hi to dad, I’ll toss her the ball and bark real loud and crazy in her face.

She’ll smell my breath and decide I need a frozen turkey neck to clean my teeth. Mom will want to say hi to all the mutts, but I’m gonna hog her attention. If she ignores me I will most definitely swipe the phone AND the remote. I will NOT be ignored.

Eventually things will settle down. Mom will bring her stuff in the house. We’ll smell it real careful to see where she’s been. We have to keep an eye on Jack to make sure he doesn’t mark her suitcase. Oh boy, wouldn’t that be funny!

Soon life will be back to normal. Us mutts will forget we were orphans for a week. I’ll chase the goats and mix it up with Tess. Jack will snore, Tess will strut her diva self and little Nellie will walk around in circles looking for mom. Perfect!

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