Our Merry Little Band

Ash and Tess

Life is back to normal. A new normal, that is. It’s been over a month since we added Nellie to the pack. Now it feels like she has always been with us.

When you bring a new mutt into the pack it kinda messes things up. Sometimes you think it’s not gonna work, and then a month later everything is okay again.

When Nellie first arrived she smelled so bad nobody wanted to be around her. But once she got rid of her pee trap infection and started taking plumbing drugs so she won’t leak, we liked her a lot better.

She made a couple of serious mistakes. She tried to play with my special blanket. That’s the one thing nobody can have. When I barked real mean at her she understood. Now she won’t even look at me when I have my blanket. She walks real wide around it like it’s some kind of snake.

Poor Jack had the hardest time. He always feels rejected when somebody new comes. He gets real clingy and pesters mom all the time. Then he started lying on Nellie’s bed to show he was more important.

Nellie changed our feeding rules too. Mom had the three of us trained to sit and wait until she put our bowls down. Nellie doesn’t quite get that so she has to be on a leash. She eats last in the pantry with the door closed so us bigger dogs don’t muscle her out of her food.

We go out for our last walk just before dark. Jack and Nellie won’t go unless mom takes them. Poor mom. She’s always got the two old deaf dogs following her around like a caboose. I know one of these days she’s gonna trip over one of them and land in a big heap.

Mom says now I’ve got no excuse for not posting my barks. Everybody is healthy, we get along fine and we got no worries. I have a lot of catching up to do. Silly stories about little Nellie taking my tennis ball and Tesse’s amazing adventure in the big city.

So come back soon and see what we’ve been up too. Gotta run!




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