Who’s In Charge?

Mom just told me I am insolent. Ha Ha. I didn’t know what that word means, but I knew it wasn’t a compliment. So I looked it up. You know what? I am insolent. Rude, impertinent, full of myself and loud about it. Yup, that’s me.

A while back I decided that me and mom are partners. Oh, I let her boss me around sometimes. But other times I get after her until she does what I want. Bark, bark, bark. Right in her face, spit flying.

Into the laundry room to grab some underwear. Chase me around the room. Not paying attention? Grab a shoe. Still ignoring me I’ve got my paws on the counter to swipe the dishcloth. Bark bark. Race around the house getting Jack and Tess all worked up too.

Mom tells me she got Tess so I’d have somebody to play with. That was really nice and I do love hanging with Tess. Me and Tess play all sorts of games together. But mom belongs to me and I want her to pay attention to me unless I have something better to do.

Jack wants mom to notice him too, but he’s a gentleman about it. He just hugs her knee real close so she trips over him. Tess flops on her back so everybody has to stop and rub her belly.


Me, I have my ways. See my ball? Now pick it up and toss it to me. Didn’t notice? No problem. I’ll drop it on your lap.

Mom spends too much time with her computer. When I think she needs a break I bark at her until she gets up. She tells me she is rewarding my bad behavior. I tell her we are communicating.

Now Jack has learned to bark at mom when he wants something. It’s hilarious. Jack’s crooked old mouth with half a dozen teeth making those funny shapes while he barks. There’s no question who rules the house. Us dogs do!

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