Jack Went Calling


Something very special happened on Christmas. Something that meant the world to old Jack. Something he never ever expected. Something he will never forget.

Mom and dad were loading the car so I knew they were going out. Mom always tells me right away if I get to go. This time she said Tess and I had to stay home. “What about Jack,” I asked.

Mom signaled for me to sit down so I knew she was going to tell me something important. “We’re going to take Jack with us,” she said. “It’s a surprise. He’s never been to a big dinner party before.”

Tess and I wanted to go too. We wanted to see our Labrador pals and meet some new people. But mom said it would be too many dogs. She said my high energy and six other dogs would be a disaster in a busy kitchen.

That’s true. When I get to the house where my pals live, I tear around looking for their toys. We’re so happy to see each other it’s total chaos.

Mom asked me to babysit Tess so Jack could have this special experience. Tess can’t be left alone because she gets too anxious. I was disappointed but I understood. She promised she would bring treats and we could stay up late when she got home.

Jack was thrilled to go with mom and dad. He didn’t know where he was going but he didn’t care. He just wanted to go. Jack figured he’d have to stay in the car during dinner, but at least he’d have a nice ride.

When everyone was settled mom brought Jack into the house. The other dogs got put outside until Jack was introduced. Mom said the conversation stopped and everyone turned to Jack. He sat down real polite like and greeted everyone. He shook paws with one of the guys.

At first mom kept Jack on a leash so he couldn’t even think about marking. Then she let him loose so he could hang out in the kitchen. Jack was so happy. He was on his best behavior.

After a couple of hours of socializing Jack got tired and asked to go back to the car. Mom walked him out and lifted him onto his bed. She kissed his big flat head and whispered “Merry Christmas Jack.” I think it was the best Christmas Jack ever had. I’m glad. We love Jack.

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