Christmas Thoughts


Tomorrow is Christmas. I know mom got us mutts some fun stuff. She told me what she got Jack and Tess but she won’t say what she got me.

We’ll each have a frozen turkey neck to clean our teeth. Thanks Dr. Brad for telling mom it’s better than a tooth brush.

Jack’s new bed arrived from the Bean store in Maine. He’ll love it. We’ll give his old one to the poor dogs at the shelter.

Tess got an anxiety vest to help her red haired self calm down. She’s gonna wear it when she goes in the car and when the neighbor fools shoot off fireworks in July.

Mom’s been teasing me about my present. She says part of it is silly and the other part serious. I’m curious about the serious part. Mom says it is something special that me and her are going to do together. I hope it’s not another bath!

Not everything is happy this time of year. People get sad when they think about Christmas past. They remember their family and friends who aren’t in the world anymore. Mom calls it bittersweet.

Remembering the good times is the sweet part. Longing for the ones who are gone is an ache in the heart. This year our pack is gonna light a candle on Christmas day for each member we’ve lost: Darcy, Codie and Jesse.

We lost Darcy a year ago. We had a fun Christmas with him and he was having such a good time in our pack. Then he got real sick and died in the hospital.

Codie left us in July 2009. She got very old and asked to be released from her worn out body. I still can’t bark about her without getting choked up.

Jess was gone before I got here. It was nearly twenty years ago but mom still talks about him. She calls it keeping his memory alive.

My advice is enjoy the moment and treasure the past. When you put the two together you’ve got your whole life. Gotta run!




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