If you’ve been watching the news, you know we had some snow and ice where we live. It was the first snow of the season, not particularly impressive but still snow.

Us dogs always get a little goofy around the first snow. It’s like we forgot that we played in it last winter and it’s new all over again.

You can see my reaction to the snow in the picture. You have to taste it and lie in it and feel it on your belly. After a while the snow gets yellow in places and kinda yucky. I don’t mind it but mom doesn’t like us tracking the mess into the house.

The first day it snowed we drove down our hill to get some stuff. All us dogs got to go. It was fun sliding down and then racing back up so we wouldn’t get stuck.

The next two days we stayed home because the ice got really slippery. That’s when things started to go wrong. Me and Jack like to go for a ride once a day. Jack did his best to bark mom into it. He’d rub against her knee then run to the garage. She wasn’t buying it.

I was okay as long as mom played ball with me, but after losing the ball in the snow a few times it wouldn’t fly anymore. Mom played indoor games with us and tried to keep us busy, but it didn’t work. Yesterday afternoon I’d had enough. While she was sitting on the bench tying her boots, I started barking in her face. Bark, bark, bark as loud as I could.

Mom laughed at the dog spit and kept telling me NO BALL, no ride, no, no, no. Jack didn’t like “NO” even though he couldn’t hear the word. Pretty soon he was barking at mom. She was laughing and holding her ears and saying she couldn’t hear us cause we were barking so loud. Jack figured he’d better quit barking. Just then I took a deep breath for my next round of barking. That set the stage for my solo performance.

When an enormous toot came out my back end mom almost fell off the bench laughing. Jack stuck his nose under my tail and I looked back there too. It had never occurred to me that I could bark out of both ends at the same time. Mom said the back end gives more of a toot than a bark, but either way I’m making music.

Tess ran in to see what the fuss was about. She wanted me to do it again just for her, but I couldn’t get the back end to sound off. Guess I’ll have to work on that. Meanwhile I’m trying to think of a fun word to name my butt toots. Let me know if you have any suggestions. See ya! 

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