I Saw It


I saw the whole thing, and it didn’t play well. Ash had just returned from the beach. He and Zag were happy and tired.

I was relieved to see mom. It was her first time away from me and I couldn’t sleep while she was gone.

Tess had enjoyed her time without Ash. She got to be the center of attention, which suited her just fine. She gets away with more when mom isn’t around.

The beach dogs jumped out of the car and headed towards the front yard. I came out to say hello, hoping for a big hug from mom. Tess came out with murder in her eye.

I wanted to warn mom what was about to happen, but there wasn’t time. Tess gave a low growl and launched on Zag. He never saw her coming. She hit him like a hawk on chicken and knocked him to the ground.

Mom was about three steps away. She grabbed Tess by her neck and haunches and lifted her off Zag. Fortunately Zag didn’t want to fight and he ran off. Mom put Tess on the ground and held her down until she stopped struggling. She kept telling Tess how bad she was but Tess wasn’t buying it. All Tess wanted was another go at Zag.

Poor Ash. He couldn’t believe Tess would behave like that. He was so upset that Zag got mugged, and especially that his best girl Tess was the mugger. The people were really upset. They had just had a nice time at the beach and Tess went and spoiled everything.

I think Tess is crazy. She wants what she wants and doesn’t care how her behavior hurts her pack. The rest of the time Zag stayed with us they were kept separate. Tess did her first stint in solitary so Zag could be in the house. She didn’t care.

Tess starts reform school next month. I’m not sure that will help. You have to want to do better, and I don’t think Tess is there yet. Time will tell. For now Tess is under house arrest. Tomorrow Ash will tell you what he thinks about the whole affair. He’s been working on his bark since it happened. It helps him make sense of things.

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