We’re Sorry

Tess and Asher

Me and Tess were talking this morning about how much trouble we give our mom. It’s really not right because mom loves us a whole bunch and is always doing nice stuff for us.

But this last week we’ve been nothing but brats. I’ve started barking at mom real loud whenever I want her attention. If she’s been on the computer too long and I want to play ball, I walk up to her and bark as loud as I can right in her face.

I bark at her when I want my breakfast, when I want to play ball, when I want her to get up and pay attention to me, and most of all when it’s five minutes past our dinner time.

I’ve always jammed my stuffies up her backside. That usually startles her so much that she starts laughing. Even though she tells me not to do it, I know it makes her happy.

Tess was the worst of all this week. The vet came to see the goats. While the gate was open Zoey, the neighbor dog, snuck in. Mom was trying to close the gate and get Zoey out at the same time. Tess took that opportunity to bolt on an adventure.

When Tess ran through the gate as it was closing, it triggered the gate to stay open. So mom had to let Tess go while she got me and Jack in dad’s truck. Tess won’t come when she’s bolted. You have to take the truck and chase her down. By the time mom got the keys to the truck Tess was out of sight.

Me and Jack were having a fine time. Mom was driving like a maniac down the gravel road hoping to find Tess before she got lost. The windows were open, the dust was flying, we had our heads out the window hoping the ride would go on forever.

When mom got to a split in the road she figured Tess would head towards the neighbor’s goats. Yup, there she was giving the goats the stink eye. Good thing we got there just in time because Tess was about to crawl through the fence and give those goats a taste of border collie.

Tess is so funny. As soon as she sees the truck she forgets everything and runs to the truck. Mom opened the door and Tess jumped right in. We were all still pretty excited, hanging out the windows, barking at the goats, drooling on mom. She said  she couldn’t see where she was going. I don’t know why. There’s plenty of room for two of us on the dashboard.

Mom was pretty tired when we got home. She couldn’t scold Tess because she always wants Tess to come to the truck. She didn’t scold me and Jack while she was driving because she was too worried about finding Tess. After the vet left mom asked dad how come us dogs gang up on her. She said if anybody’s keeping score, the dogs won. Don’t we always? Gotta run!

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