Abel, Arrow & Ash

You already know about my little brother Zag. He was born a year after me. In my litter there were a bunch of other pups. I was the only blue dog, and like I’ve said before, I was born with the fading gene which makes me imperfect in the eyes of the AKC.

Who cares about the AKC? Mom says there’s no better dog in this world than me. Anyway, two of my brothers were adopted by mom’s good friend. That’s why I get to see them once in a while.

Here’s a picture of me with my two brothers Abel and Arrow. It was taken when we were almost a year old. Since Abel and Arrow were raised together and always had each other to play with, they’re not real interested in playing with me. They can’t jump and fly like I do, so they pretty much ignore me. But you can’t choose your family and I’m okay with having Arrow and Abel as my sibs.

Abel and Arrow are coming to visit me on the 4th of July. They’re scared of fireworks and want to hang out in the country to get away from the noise. Tess is scared of fireworks too, so they can all be scared together.

I’m hoping mom will get  some fun pictures of my brothers. They want me to post a bark or two about them and I need some new pics. Jack’s not gonna be happy when he sees them. He prefers girl dogs. But he’ll get over it. I think it’s good for Jack to meet my family. Wish I knew where his family is. Tess too.

See that’s the sad part of being a rescue dog. Nobody knows anything about your family. So I told Jack he could be an honorary Australian Shepherd and we’d be cousins. He’s not too sure he likes the idea, but at least he knows I’m thinking about him. Anyway, gotta run.

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