We’re Gonna Keep Him

Tess Comforting Jack

I talked it over with Tess. We decided we have to keep Jack. He’s goofy in love with our mom. He cries if he doesn’t know where she is and since he’s deaf, he has trouble finding her. If I’m not busy with the ball, I’ll run along side Jack so he knows to follow me back to her.

He tries to play with me sometimes. But I still remember how he acted like Mr. Bigshot when he moved in, like some ex-con with an attitude. But I think he was just scared. Then he marked all over the house and when I covered up his mark with mine I got in big trouble.

It’s all patched up now. Jack knows I’m the boss so he doesn’t cross me. Tess got all worried when Jack came. She thought she might lose her place. But now everybody gets along. We don’t even fight over food.

This week we learned that Old Dog Haven considers Jack a Final Refuge dog. That means he won’t be put up for adoption. I told him nobody would want him anyway because he’s old and has a funny looking mouth with worn out teeth. Tess said that hurt his feelings and that’s why she’s trying to comfort him in the picture. I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. I was just teasing him. It’s a guy thing. So anyway, Jack will stay with us forever as an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog. Old Dog Haven will pay Jack’s vet bills. They do that to encourage people to take an older dog. Maybe you could take somebody like Jack.  Maybe some day there wouldn’t be any more homeless dogs if everybody took one home. If you don’t want your own dog, you could sponsor an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge Dog. Here’s the link. Sponsor Page Think about it. Gotta run.

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