The End


Now comes the part of my story I so regret having to tell. I did not fear to lose my life. After all, I had been a shelter dog, a stray, a throw away. I’ve said before I had few expectations about my place in this world. But in the end, in my wildest dreams, I never thought someone would hold me as I took my last breath and wish me godspeed into the next world. But that is exactly what happened.

My people returned to the hospital later in the day when they learned there was no hope for my recovery. As they approached my cage I lifted my head towards them and wagged my tail. Exhausted, I let my head drop onto my paws. First my lady then the man stroked my head and told me how much they loved me, that they desperately wished I could have stayed longer with them at Asherpark.

They said I was a full member of their family and even after death I would remain with them. They explained that when my spirit was no longer trapped in my failing body, my physical remains would be cremated and my ashes returned to Asherpark. My lady whispered that my passage from this life would be very gentle and I had nothing to fear. All the pain and suffering was behind me.

She told me that as I took my last breath my spirit would be transformed into wonderful memories that they would keep for all time. It was indeed as she described. With their tears falling on my tired old body and my head cradled in their hands, I took one last breath and passed away.

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