LOL! Too Much Fun

Ash & Tug Toy

Yesterday our new friend came for dinner. We met her through Old Dog Haven. She has eight rescue dogs right now. She brought a silly little Beagle girl on a blind date for Jack. It didn’t work out. Jack didn’t even sniff her and the little Beagle just ran around in circles until she got tired.

Next the lady brought in a pile of orange fur named Eddie. He strutted around and acted like a big shot. I tried to herd him, but of course, the packleaders put a stop to that. Back he went to the car with the Beagle.

Finally the lady brought in a herding dog. Jack didn’t pay any attention to her, but Tess and I knew she was one of us. We had all kinds of fun. Poor Jack never did get a date. It’s tough to find a girlfriend when you won’t even sniff your date. We’re going to send Jack to charm school this summer.

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